Do you have your own pool? Learn how to swim at home.



The Home Swimming philosophy is simple: people learn best in the safest, happiest place they know – home! And we make it easy for you. Based in London, we will travel to your property, at your chosen time, to deliver bespoke swimming lessons for babies, children or adults.

It’s convenient

We take the stress out by teaching at your home. No travelling across London again!

You have control

You decide when the lessons take place.

It’s comfortable

You, your child or your baby learns in the safe environment of your own pool.

We are versatile. We can deliver one-to-one swimming lessons or small group sessions which we tailor to your needs as we teach you or your children how to swim or improve current skills.

Our experience and qualifications give you true peace of mind. Home Swimming’s teachers have been delivering swimming lessons for more than 40 years in London and abroad and are CRB checked to work with youngsters.

If you are looking for private swimming lessons in London we are the best option, offering you unrivalled choice and control in the most comfortable surroundings possible. Book today and try us out!


Alberto Baggio

My swimming career began in 2004, teaching in a popular swimming pool in the
north of Italy.  I worked with all ages and skill levels, from babies to adults, beginners
to advanced.  I was then given the chance to move into a coaching position, and I
loved it from the instant I started!  I spent nearly four years in this role, primarily in
charge of the age group squad, with very successful results in local, regional and
national competitions. Looking for new experiences and challenges, in 2009 I moved to Madrid where I
spent the following four years teaching at two swim schools, learning and developing
different methods and approaches.  It was there that I also obtained the Spanish
“RFEN – Level 1 in Coaching Swimming”.

Since May 2013, I have been living and working in London.  I have found a thriving
swimming environment in this city, full of opportunities to enhance my knowledge
and career. In the same year, I completed an internship as coach assistant for
Chelsea and Westminster Swimming Club and, after obtaining the “ASA – Level 2 in
Teaching Aquatics”, I started coaching for Barnes Swimming Club.  A year later I
acquired the “ASA – Level 2 in Coaching Swimming”.  In order to further enrich my
coaching tools, in 2018 I successfully achieved the “Level 4 – International Age
Group Coach” for the American Swimming Coaches Association.

I am a very motivated person, reliable and enthusiastic in what I do.  My purpose is
to help my students feel safe, comfortable and confident in the water, providing them
with all the tools they need to master and control the aquatic environment!

Alke Stopforth

Swimming and fitness has been a natural environment for me since the age of 7. At the age of 11, I competed at a senior national level and reached Olympic trials in 2008. This lead to me being chosen to represent the South African Life Saving team at the National life-saving competition in 2015, where I won a gold medal. I obtained South African and American coaching qualification (and recently British) which has assisted in my increased quality of coaching since 2010.

Swimming has been a natural ability for me through which I want to continue to serve others. I enjoy the ability to ignite the passion and benefits of swimming, fitness, achievement, and mindfulness in the water in others. Having ‘Fun’ is for sure the key element in ensuring a long-term love relationship with water, and that is what I strive to bring to lessons as well, a good balance between work and play. I find my reward and joy in knowing I had a positive impact on someone’s life and that my assistance in their swimming/life is still going to bring them many more happy memories in the future. It feels like saving lives and if that is my life purpose, I am very happy to fulfill it.

Since moving to London in 2017 to study Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Roehampton, I am able to continue my coaching/teaching career with more knowledge about the human body and its functionalities – mind, body and soul. For fun, I’ve recently also started doing some open water swimming and freediving to develop my mindfulness practice in the water.

Eduardo do Carmo

I have been teaching swimming for more than a decade. Before setting up Home Swimming back in 2011, I worked for highly-rated swimming schools in central London, including the exclusive Purple Dragon in Chelsea. I have worked with a very broad spectrum of ages and abilities including large group classes for both public and private schools, special needs children, parent and baby classes, children and adults. I have a special interest in turning extremely fearful children into confident swimmers.

I treasure the priceless moments that teaching swimming brings, such as the smile on the face of a child who has just mastered floating, the inquisitive eyes of a baby splashing the water and the proud look of parents watching their children doing laps. There isn’t a better job than mine!

Kyle Owen-Smith

I come from a Namibian swimming family and have been teaching and coaching in Namibia South Africa, Australia, south-east Asia, Scotland and London for more than 15 years. In that time I have taught and managed swim schools and worked with people of all abilities, from babies to elite club swimmers.

As a teacher my greatest quality is my sense of humour and ability to stay calm no matter what the situation – something that allows children to relax and appreciate that challenges can be made successful with patience. I’m a firm believer in the importance of basic fundamental stroke mechanics and I have a solid understanding of swimming techniques, having been a former international 1500m freestyle and 200m backstroke swimmer.

I have British Swimming ASA level 1 and 2, ASA Babies and also find myself in the middle of the USA swim coaching certification process. Having grown up sailing, surfing, spear fishing and swimming in the challenging waters off Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, I truly feel at home in water. It is this joy that I aim to convey to young swimmers in my classes.

Slawek Szydlowski

Since I was a little boy I have been in love with water-sports, enjoying scuba diving, canoeing and most of all sailing. My passion for swimming brought competition at county and national level, and then on to university where I graduated with a Masters Degree in Sports Science. I later gained coaching qualifications in swimming and athletics.

After working as a swimming teacher and coach for more than 15 years I am now the head of PE at a Secondary School and also provide mentoring for other, newly-qualified swimming teachers at two London fitness clubs.

Thiago Luz

Born on the island of Florianopolis the sea was calling me from a young age and the water is like a second home to me.

I am lucky enough to have been teaching swimming since 2007, blending my passion for the sport with a desire to work with children.

I am an ASA-qualified swimming instructor and consistently look for new tricks to make my lessons more fun and efficient. I am confident working with all ages and in all situations, from private classes to group sessions. Most of my teaching has been at the LAX South Kensington and the Purple Dragon children’s club in Chelsea.

Teaching for me is an opportunity to give – providing parents with peace of mind by making confident swimmers out of their children.



Beyond learning how to swim there are so many reasons to use Home Swimming: some want to improve health and fitness; others want to become champions; parents want their children to be safe in the water; grandparents want to be able to swim with their grandchildren. Whatever your reason, age or ability, we can help! These are the classes we offer.


Parent and baby classes are offered for children under three years of age with a maximum of five youngsters per session.

Your role in the class is fundamental, as you accompany your child in the water and take part in the learning. Our instructors will show you how to teach your baby to swim properly, and your baby will learn the basics of future swimming, including confidence techniques and water safety.

We use structured activities including songs and games in our baby swimming classes to make a fun learning experience.

Classes last 30 minutes and run for a full school term.


Designed for children aged three and up, each lesson will be personalised to the needs of the student(s) with an enjoyable aquatic experience the aim.

Classes last either 30 or 60 minutes and run for a full school term.


Like our programme for children, we hone our adult swimming lessons to the individual student’s needs. Whether you just want to learn how to swim, improve your fitness or reach a competitive level of swimming, we will help you fulfil your goals.

Lessons are given on an individual basis, and last either 30 or 60 minutes. You can choose from once-a-week, term or a block of classes (minimum six lessons).

Crash Courses

An intensive batch of five or six sessions held over one week during school holidays. The Crash Course offers fantastic interaction between teacher and pupils over a short period of time, and can achieve very rapid results.



SPRING TERM 2021 11 Weeks

Mon 4th January - Sun 28th March

Mon 15th February - Sun 21stFebruary

SUMMER TERM 2021 11 Weeks

Mon 19th April - Sun 11th July

Mon 31st May - Sun 6th June

AUTUMN TERM 2021 14 Weeks

Mon 6th September - Sun 19th December

Mon 25th October - Sun 31st October


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